Princesses – International Multimedia Exhibition

We are inviting you on 4th of october to inauguration of the NEW SPACE GALLERY

at 6 p.m.

at.7 p.m.

Exhibition Princesses is simultaneously the opening of Warsaw Photo Days
Duration: October 5-27,2013


A multimedia exhibition “Princesses” aims at presenting video and photographs by artists, photographers from Singapore, Japan, the United States, Germany, Canada, the UK, Finland and Poland. The common thread linking all the works displayed at the exhibition is an attempt to capture the image of the modern woman-as-a-princess. In this image, myth and fashion, aloofness and spontaneity, identity and identity crisis converge and intertwine.

Modern women are involved in the canons and conventions of pop culture, doomed to ready identity and disguise, not always the best suited and apparently requiring numerous alterations. The world of the Princesses is an ironic adaptation and, at the same time, denunciation of the canonised stereotype of female beauty.

The view of femininity presented by the artists is torn between the cultural archetype and the desire to overcome it in pursuit of individuation, between an imposed model and the craving for authenticity. We observe different manifestations of “girlisation” of women – a consequence of the suspension between the cult of youth depicted in presentations of an adult woman and the so-called Lolita effect involving younger and younger girls.

Revealing a world of ‘girlish’ desires and fantasies, which sometimes have to do – overtly or covertly – with sexuality and corporality, the artists focus on the need for transgression. Curator Katarzyna Majak

Artists: Cecylia Malik (Poland), Catrine Val (Germany), Frank Yamrus (USA), Liana Yang (Singapur), Agata Michowska (Poland), Yoichi Nagata (Japan), Signe Pierce (USA), Dina Goldstein (Canada), Sarah Maple (Great Britain), Iiu Susiraja (Finland), Amy Stevens (USA).